YG appears to have co-signed The Game’s recent comments about controversial Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine.

YG — a fellow Blood Gang member and Compton native — hit Instagram to comment “THATS OUTT” on a post uploaded by The Game.

It comes as 6ix9ine deletes all of his Instagram posts aimed at the Compton veteran.

YG has not called out 6ix9ine directly, though many fans and commentators took a line from his recently released single “Suu Whoop” as a shot at the polarizing rainbow-haired rapper.

“I ain’t with the pink-haired Blood shit (suu whoop)/ I ain’t with the only-at-the-club-Bloodin’ (suu whoo-suu whoop),” YG raps on the track’s second verse.

The rift between The Game and 6ix9ine started last week after the Compton rapper led a crowd in Slovenia in a “Fuck 6ix9ine” chant while repeatedly calling him a “fake-ass Blood.” 6ix9ine quickly replied by labeling The Game a “clout chaser.”

The Game later returned with another round of insults, warning 6ix9ine to “cut the tuff shit out before it’s too late.”