Los Angeles, CA – Despite the choice use of words on their recently released single “Ice Tray,” Lil Yachty insists he and Quavo have no issues with Joe Budden.

During the song’s chorus, Quavo raps: “If a nigga hatin’, call him Joe Budden,” while Yachty shouts “pussy” in the background.

Following the single’s release, it emerged that Quavo and Yachty have cast lookalikes of Everybody Struggle hosts Budden, Nadeska Alexis, and DJ Akademiks for the track’s music video. Actors playing the roles evidently leaked the video early.

When recently quizzed on the video by TMZ, Yachty admitted the rift is nothing serious.

“He will see it,” Yachty says of the upcoming video. “He talk about it everyday. Honestly, we not even worried about Joe. It’s almost like we’re poking fun at it. We’re just bored. It’s not like we’re angry. We’re not mad at him. We’re just having fun.”

Quavo and Yachty’s beef with Budden both stem from separate interviews they had on episodes of Everyday Struggle. The i rapper says the choice lyrics are just a representation of how the two artists feel.

“I mean we just being real,” he said. “That’s just how we feel right now, as far as lyrics go.”

“Ice Tray” is featured on Quality Control’s latest release, Quality Control: Control the Streets Volume 1.