Riding off the success of his viral single “Gummo,” rainbow haired-rapper Teka$hi 6ix9ine is evidently hard at work crafting his next creation — this time with Fetty Wap. The two were captured in the studio rocking out to an explosive beat as they rapped the lyrics.

“I’ma hit a lick on the regular/ Posted with the glock, uncocked on the regular/ Yeah I’m 6ix9ine with the 9 on the regular,” 6ix9ine spits.

Fetty follows up with, “Nigga, we busting up the ops on the regular/ Nigga, we be ducking from the cops on the regular/ Bitches sucking dick and giving top on the regular/ She just saw my wrist, it cost a lot, it ain’t regular.”

“Gummo” was released in early October and has already earned the heavily tattooed rapper over 50 million YouTube views, but the 21-year-old is also shrouded in controversy.

6ix9ine, who literally has a huge “69” tattooed on his forehead, pled guilty to three felony counts of Use of a Child in a Sexual Performance, according to Genius. At the time of the incident, 6ix9ine was 18 years old and the victim was a minor.

A Snapchat video of 6ix9ine saying “I’m such a happy rapist” was leaked but management claimed it was a misunderstanding and denied all allegations.

In August, a rep told MassAppeal, “He doesn’t even like to say the R word [rape], we don’t play around with that shit. As someone with a 3-year-old daughter we take this very seriously.”

Only time will tell if his legal problems impede his momentum. For now, he’s clearly still intent on forging a career in Hip Hop.