Chester, PA

Philly rapper Meek Mill is reportedly putting in work at the State Correctional Institution in Chester, Pennsylvania.

According to TMZ, Meek is a part of the prison’s general labor crew, where he’s responsible for cleaning the cell block, tidying up the prison grounds, washing dishes, and cooking/serving food.

Despite earning a meager 19 cents per hour, Meek is reportedly a model inmate.



Among the perks of good behavior: access to various workshops (like electrical and carpentry) and a spot on the list for therapy courses.

This week started on a rough note for Meek, after it was reported that the rapper was denied bail for a second time. The judge in Meek’s case, Genece Brinkley, deemed him a “danger” to the community and a flight risk.

In November, Meek Mill was sentenced to between two and four years in prison over parole violations.