Lil B is reaching out to help Houston’s Hip Hop community after the city was devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

The storm has caused at least 30 confirmed deaths and severe flooding in America’s fourth-largest city with no respite in sight. The recovery effort will likely take years, with active rescue operations still underway.

In the face of this adversity, many people are doing their part to provide food and shelter to those affected. Lil B has decided to help in a more niche way — by offering free guest features to artists from H-Town who get in touch with him.

“If you were affected by the flood in Huston and you make music. Lil B is giving free verses to all artist from Huston Texas for sept – Lil B,” he tweeted on Tuesday (August 29).

Unsurprisingly, plenty of musical acts have immediately come forward, eager to take the BasedGod up on the offer. It seems like he’s serious too, retweeting requests for the world to see.

View some of the reactions below.