The Hamptons – News of Kanye West’s unpredictable behavior isn’t really surprising to readers anymore and his latest quasi-blackball at the request of an avant-garde art gala falls right in line with the notorious timeline he’s created for himself.

On Saturday (July 29), the Watermill Center Summer Benefit & Auction went down in the glitzy Hamptons and the story is that West wasn’t there.

The reason being: a source told Confidential that his stunts that led to his absence from last year’s event were the reason the benefit never wasted time even printing a K-Dub invitation.

“Last year, one of the things that Kanye wanted was a special fence to protect him,” the source with knowledge of the situation relayed to the newspaper.

“That was the most ridiculous and expensive thing in his rider.”

The “special fence” was said to be extremely counterintuitive to the organization, for the expense would have offset the money they were attempting to raise of art education. Not to mention he was asking for a fence to be placed around an 8 1/2-acre estate — easier dreamed of than done.

Perhaps in his most infamous interview to date, Kanye got into a heated (and one-sided) shouting match with Sway Calloway of Sway in the Morning regarding his know-how and maneuvers throughout the fashion world. Although it was determined that neither Hip Hop impresarios had “the answers,” his attitude has seemingly kept him from being accepted from those who matter.

“He was saying that last year it was a conflict because of his fashion line or whatever, but the truth is, this year, they didn’t want him and they didn’t need him,” the insider continued. “It was Kanye who wanted the credibility in the art world. But the long list of demands was so difficult and no one wanted him — and they certainly didn’t want his wife [Kim Kardashian].”

Evolution of Kanye West’s Fashion

Kanye’s absence didn’t stop famous faces such as Robert Downey Jr., Isabelle Huppert and Laurie Anderson from gracing the area. The Life of Pablo curator’s creative director, Virgil Abloh, was also in the building and he spoke highly of the center’s founder, Robert Wilson, despite the rift between him and West.

“We have friends of friends in common,” Abloh told W Magazine, before adding I’m excited to see this place come to life.”

West was expected to perform at last year’s benefit in the Hamptons, but that plan fell through at the last minute. West and Wilson had chosen to “postpone their collaboration” until 2017. But when this year’s event came around, we’re told West was no longer wanted.