Bobby V was aired out on social media this past weekend after allegedly not paying up for sex with a transgender escort.

In a video posted by the woman, a man who appears to be the veteran R&B singer, whose hits include “Slow Down” and “Tell Me,” is caught with his pants down (literally) as he tries to escape the hotel room. The escort calls him out by name and claims he hasn’t paid for her services while he rushes out the door and runs down the hallway.

Transgender exposes #BobbyValentino since he refused to pay for sexual services… ??? #BobbyV

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After the video began to blow up online, the escort decided to speak on the situation via Facebook.



“Let me say this what I did to Bobby Valentino was on the basis he didn’t have any coin so to play with my money is to play with my life like ANY girl would do,” she wrote. “Don’t expose but extort and get what’s rightfully yours either voluntarily or involuntarily. Idc who doesn’t respect my decision because my bank account will respect it the most.”

Transgender caught with Bobby Valentino speaks out! Link in bio if you missed it☕️ #fameolousexclusive

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As you might imagine, the video provoked all types of wild reactions across social media. Snoop Dogg was among the many people to comment on Bobby V’s antics, laughing at the circumstances and telling the singer that they need to have a sit down in an Instagram video.

Runnin. Man ???‍♂️

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Twitter was rife with jokes and memes about Bobby’s actions but also genuine concern about the transphobic nature of much of the discourse, which has recently been a major topic online following comedian Lil Duval’s controversial comments on The Breakfast Club. Duval said if he found out he had sex with a transgender woman, that person would have to die. The conversation was largely met with laughter by the hosts despite The Breakfast Club’s recent interview with trans activist Janet Mock, who penned an essay in response to Duval’s appearance on the show.



Check out a sample of the reaction below.