New Orleans rap duo $uicideboy$ have given their fans plenty to chew on this week by simultaneously dropping not one, not two, but five new EPs for free on SoundCloud.

Ruby Da Cherry and $lick Sloth definitely have a unique style that combines flows that wouldn’t sound out of place on a party track with backing instrumentals that sound like something heard during a Satanic ritual. Some of the tracks have already amassed millions of listens on the streaming service, so these guys must be doing something right.

Each of the EPs is three tracks long, and each one forms part of the Kill Yourself series.

After double-checking our Roman numerals, we can confirm that these EPs represent Parts 11-15 of the Kill Yourself collection. In numerical order they are titled, The Kingdom Come Saga, The Dark Glacier Saga, The Atlantis Saga, The Vulture Saga and The Coast of Ashes Saga.

Which really makes them sound more like fantasy novels than rap albums. Listen for yourself below.