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Old Man Ebro Darden wasn’t the only one to get caught up in Remy Ma’s reckless onslaught on Nicki Minaj via the fiery diss record, “SHETHER.”

With the lyrics, “Mentioning guns, you Pussy Galore, James Bond/Only time you touch a trigga is when you fucked Trey Songz,” the R&B star found his way looped into the simmering beef and he immediately got a kick out of it, especially when his manager, Kevin Liles, was pinging him about it.

trey songz nicki minaj shether reaction

But Nicki didn’t find it too funny and she proceeded to scold her “Bottles Up” collaborator for not immediately shutting down Remy’s slanderous claims.

nicki minaj checks trey songz

But lo and behold, Trigga said he was already one step ahead of her, prompting her to delete the initial tweet.

trey songz nicki minaj response

Here’s what he had to say in an Instagram story.

Minaj is apparently on location at a video shoot (gauging from her 15-second Periscope cameo) and is likely too distracted to pay attention to everything whizzing in her Twitter feed.

But let Trey Songz tell it, his feed is nonstop entertainment.

trey songz twitter lol nicki minaj remy ma

Starting with this WTF gem.

And Go!

Listen To Remy Ma’s “SHETHER” In Full Here.