Future took to Twitter on Tuesday evening (February 22) to drum up hype for his new self-titled album (and its immediate follow-up that’s dropping this Friday) and answer his fans’ questions.

Mainly, it seemed like Future was eager to answer questions about his fellow artists. Beginning with Migos, he said that he’d like to collab with them and that their upcoming tour together “could be the start of something very special.”

Future also said that he has a strong creative bond with Young Thug, explaining that whenever the pair enter the studio together they come out with at least 1o songs.

Future also took shots at former collaborator Rocko, who this week was rumored to have settled a lawsuit against Future, with false reports claiming that 100% of Future’s next two projects would go straight into Rocko’s pocket. Rocko has denied this is the case, and addressed the lawsuit again Wednesday morning. Asked by a fan if he dropped this album in order to pay Rocko that money, Future was emphatic:

“No way in the fuck am I doing that for him,” said Future, laughing off the rumors. “We working, we richer than ever. When niggas go broke, they do dumb shit. I don’t know what’s going on. At the end of the day, we making hits, we making history. If a nigga wanna be a part of history, you gotta do something to tag along. That’s what it is, a tag-along nigga.”

In a pretty funny momeny, Future was asked if he really keeps the Draco in the bookbag, Future laughed and shouted “No! No, police! You police.”

All in all, we can expect to Future to continue to collab with rappers of all stripes — but it seems any further collaborations with Rocko aren’t coming anytime soon.

Check out some more of Future’s answers below: