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Paul Wall and Baby Bash appeared in court today (December 27) in Houston to face drug charges after they were arrested with eight other people during a smokeout last week.

Click2Houston reports that the two are being charged with manufacturing and delivering a controlled substance between 4 and 400 grams for marijuana and THC concentrate reportedly present at the party. The crimes are felonies in the state of Texas and the rappers could face life in prison if convicted.

Wall admitted to the judge that he would test positive for four drugs if he underwent a test at the time of the hearing. His lawyer said the rapper suffered from back problems and the judge asked for proof of the prescriptions.

Police reportedly found the smokeout via an Instagram post advertising the event. People were being charged $10 to enter and Baby Bash said in an interview after the arrest that “it turned out to be bigger than it was.”

(This article was last updated December 24, 2016 and is as follows.)

Baby Bash and Paul Wall were arrested yesterday (December 23) on drug charges and now Baby Bash shares with TMZ what went down at the marijuana party where a total of 10 people were taken into police custody.

“We had like a little smokeout we were gonna have and it turned out to be bigger than it was,” he explains, saying he has to learn how to balance living between California (where medical marijuana is legal) and Texas (where mary jane is not so legal). “People had edibles and people had dabs. There was no drugs. They tried to make it like we were big druggies. It was just all marijuana, THC. So I want people to know it was basically me and Paul smoking some tree and I guess in Texas, I guess they don’t play that as much as Cali or Colorado. So they arrested us and like I said, don’t panic, it’s organic.”

The dabs might have been what got the two rappers in trouble as the Lone Star State has some of the harshest consequences in the country for THC concentrates.

Earlier reports said that Bash and Paul Wall were charged with the felony of Manufacturing/Delivery of a Controlled Substance between 4-400 grams.

Bash says that the police were having fun with them, taking photos in jail and encouraging them that marijuana will be legal in Texas soon enough. But he admits that the experience was a learning lesson.

“We gotta be more smart when we do stuff,” he says.

Watch the clip of Baby Bash explaining his recent arrest with Paul Wall below.

(This article was first published December 23, 2016 and is as follows.)

Paul Wall and Baby Bash were arrested in Houston today (December 23) for a drug charge, TMZ reports, citing local law enforcement.

Police found the two rappers after executing a search warrant. Eight other people were arrested as well. It was not known at the time of publication what drugs they were busted for.

The Houston Chronicle adds that Wall and Bash’s bail was set at $20,000 each. They were both charged with the felony of Manufacturing/Delivery of a Controlled Substance between 4-400 grams.

The two were also arrested in 2011 in El Paso for marijuana possession. They were quickly released, with Baby Bash saying the arrest was the work of a crooked cop while Paul Wall was excited to be in the same jail where Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash spent some time.

Paul Wall released The Houston Oiler album in October.