Troi Torain, better known as Star of the Star & Buc Wild Morning Show on Power 105 FM, has been fired over alleged comments towards rival, DJ Envy, his wife and his 4-year old daughter.

Protests were brought forth by City Council members. He reportedly threatened DJ Envy on-air saying,

”I will come for your kids.”

Even suggesting a desire to “do an R. Kelly … on your little baby girl.”

Torain’s comments, made between May 3 and Monday May 8, were backed by a $500 prize to anyone who could provide information about Envy’s daughters’ school. Torain also repeatedly called Envy’s wife, who is part Asian, “a slant eyed whore”.

Councilman John Liu and Envy’s wife, Gia Casey, appeared at City Hall on Wednesday to denounce Torain’s remarks.

“He threatened to molest my little baby girl,” Casey said.

The station’s owner, Clear Channel, said it found Torain’s statements “wholly unacceptable.”

Torain was unavailable for comment.