Your Local Target

A mere three days before French Montana was to release his new album, MC4, Montana and camp announced the long-awaited project would be pushed back to October 14 due to “sample clearance” issues.

One Target retailer, however, accidentally put the album on the shelves the morning of Friday, August 19, which was obviously a huge blunder.

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Twitter user Matt Albin just happened to notice MC4 on the rack and quickly took to social media to report his unexpected discovery.

“I went to a Target to purchase Tory Lanez’ new album I Told You and sitting right next to the album was MC4,” Albin wrote on his site, which is ironically named Fashionably Early. “I went to the self-checkout and had to receive customer assistance. The employee that came to fix the issue knew the album was pushed back and didn’t allow me to purchase it. After the fact, I contacted another Target employee that I know and he revealed that it is possible to purchase the album despite the pushback. It just depends on the employee you are dealing with.”

HipHopDX reached out to both Epic Records and French’s team but has not heard back as of yet. As of press time, MC4isn’t available on iTunes, either.

Most likely, there are now countless lucky fans who have been privy to hearing the record nearly two months before its official release. Consequently, the album has been leaked and there is no telling how badly this event will affect MC4’s sales. It’s a good chance the album will be officially released with a slightly different tracklisting.