A man at the airport thanked Australian rapper Iggy Azalea “for ruining Hip Hop.”

In a video that has quickly gone viral, Iggy Azalea was caught off guard by a person who seemed at first to be an inquisitive fan.

“Are you Iggy Azalea,” the man asks before the Aussie musician questions why she’s being filmed.

“I would just like to thank you so much for ruining Hip Hop,” he adds before the camera pans away and he erupts into a series of giggles.

Although Iggy has been called out by many in the Hip Hop community, this appears to be one of the first times she’s been approached in person with criticism.

In 2014, Q-Tip attempted to school Iggy on Hip Hop, but his tweets were deemed “patronizing.” That same year, New Jersey rapper Rah Digga explained why she doesn’t consider Iggy, Hip Hop.

Video of Iggy Azalea’s encounter with the man who thanked her “for ruining Hip Hop,” can be found below.

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