Killer Mike explains why top tier rappers shouldn’t be required to step out on the front lines of political and social justice movements.

While explaining why top tier rappers like Jay Z shouldn’t be required to step out in front when it concerns the various political and social justice movements of the day, Atlanta rapper Killer Mike referenced the Civil Rights Movement. During an interview with Vlad TV, he explained that during the Civil Rights Movement, business people (like Jay Z) weren’t on the front lines, and were instead donating financially to the movement.

The Southern wordsmith added that the average person shouldn’t require a musician to step up politically and socially, when they aren’t willing to step up themselves.

“It ain’t for the top tier to always step out in front,” Killer Mike said. “And reason being, Jay is a hell of a rapper. He’s a hell of a brand. One of my favorites. He’s an incredible business man. During the Civil Rights Movement, you know what business people did? They donated money to the movement. Jay donated money to Black Lives Matter. They ensured that people who went to jail, who got out, had a bond waiting on them. I think that’s the type of stuff we should expect out of our top tier people. I think that it’s time to stop requiring them to do what we’re not doing.”

Killer Mike also explained why rappers in general tend to not involve themselves in politics.

“That’s what people do,” he said. “Rappers are just people…Most people are not inclined to do it. I, for whatever reason, have been inclined to do it. And I stepped up to that social responsibility. That’s it…Rappers are black men. There are not a lot of opportunities for black men to make the type of money we make in rap. To make the type of money we make in entertainment. To have the type of opportunities we have. And a lot of times when you’re given these opportunities, you’re so busy focusing on ensuring you life, the life of your family and loved ones is gonna go right, you don’t have time to check on the economic atmosphere of America. You don’t have time to check and see what a candidate’s foreign policy [is].”

Video of Killer Mike speaking on rappers and politics, can be found below.

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