Los Angeles, CA - 

The third installment in RJ’s OMMIO series has arrived. The L.A. rapper posted the 19-track album (which is short for “On My Momma I’m On”) to his SoundCloud on May 13. It features production work from DJ Official, Authentic, Davo and more.

In a feature-length interview with HipHopDX, the rapper, who appeared on the soundtrack for NBA 2K16 on the DJ Mustard-produced “You Don’t Want It,” said he wanted to create a timeless project. “That is our main goal, which is to make music we can perform ten years or so down the line. Will it be relevant ten years from now? We’re not competing with OMMIO 1 or OMMIO 2 anymore. We just want to be great.”

Previous OMMIO releases featured guest spots from the likes of Ty Dolla $ign and Plies, but on this one he goes it alone.

“This tape is more me,” he explained. “It is what it is. It’s not dissing nobody or shitting on nobody. It’s just me. I love this tape. It’s less party anthems like ‘Hoes Come Easy’ or ‘Get Rich.’ I’ve had a lot of party anthems in my career, but this time I have concepts and all of that. And we don’t need no features. I gave you four mixtapes with features. This one is about the fans knowing me. I want people to feel like I’m their brother. Like how Lil Wayne made me feel. I never met Wayne, but his music spoke to me.”

Describing his sound, RJ said he tries to bring a global flavor to his music. “It’s easy to fuck with me because my sound isn’t just Hip Hop, my sound is worldly. It’s so intertwined with this universe. It’s street, but worldly type shit. It’s melodic, deep at times, playful at times and an all around thing,” he said.

RJ also rolled through DX’s music meeting yesterday (May 12) to talk about the album and answer some questions from viewers watching the livestream on Facebook. Watch the replay here.