M1, one-half of Revolutionary but Gangstaduet dead prez, dropped his collaborative project with Italian producer Bonnet for Between Me & The World.

The nine-track project features the Prodigy-assisted track “Number One With a Bullet.” Its title is flip of words on Ta-Nehisi Coates’ award-winning book, Between the World and Me.

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Speaking with DX in February, M1 had this to say about the album.

“It’s interesting. My new album is called Between Me & The World and I wrote the album in the process of a lot of things happening such as a lot of murder and death. I mean watching from the inside out to outside in. I recorded it in Italy from outside of the United States watching the reaction to Mike Brown, Eric Garner and Freddie Gray. I read a book by Ta-Nehisi Coates called Between The World & Me. That book really influenced the title track of the album. At the end of the day, I feel like examining the situation going on in the world in different ways. Soon there’s going to be a solution that was the same as it always was. People aren’t going to accept the same old conclusions about how we’re treated here and what justice really means.”

In the same interview, M1 said a dead prez album is also in the works.

Check out a stream of the project and album cover art below. The album is also available on iTunes.