Costa Mesa, CA

Notorious battle rapper (and real-life Internet troll) Daylyt took in the chaos outside a campaign rally for Republican presidential nominee front-runner Donald Trump in Costa Mesa, California last night (April 28).

In a video released on his YouTube channel, the Irvine-based rapper puts on his “reporter” voice and does a hit with protesters in front of a FOX 5 news van, then proceeded to hop on the Running Man Challenge trending train.

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While standing in front of a line of riot-gear-clad officers, Daylyt shouted to the camera: “‘Ey cuz, I’m a real nigga my nigga! You see these niggas? These niggas bitches cuz! These niggas marks my nigga! Ain’t no nothing to me!” After that specific spectacle, he proceeded to dance some more, as onlookers cheered him on.

No issues between Daylyt and his camp were reported but according to CNN and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, approximately 20 people were arrested for various disorderly charges.

Daylyt also revealed to HipHopDX that he has a Trump-themed track dropping in the near future.