Los Angeles, CA

Rappers whose lyrical content revolves around marijuana and the culture around it have found multiple ways to capitalize from America’s most talked about drug. Being attached to some cleverly named strain, dab, vape pen and edible have become commonplace.

PeaceLife’s Yump Daniels took things a lot further with his investment partnership with popular marijuana brand Dat Nigga Medicates, which is known for his medicated BBQ, Buffalo and Sweet & Sour sauces, among other things. For the artist formerly known as Mann, it was an obvious opportunity to extend both brands. “Basically, I’ve been out here at all these weedevents just pushing the PeaceLife movement and medicating people,” Yump says.

According to the Los Angeles rapper, he linked up with the DNG after a smoking session that led into a discussion about business. “We have plans and want to help people with it,” Yump says. “Trying to rid the stereotype of stoners being lazy or people who don’t handle business. It’s really wild what you can do with this plant.”

That includes more products from medicated horchata to body butter. All the products feature cannabis oil extract with CBD and THC.

Yump explained the historic relationship between Hip Hop and the marijuana is natural. “Hip Hop is the voice of the young people,” said Yump. “Young people enjoy smoking and the social aspect. All Wiz Khalifa does is represent positivity.”

It’s been several months since Yump dropped his positively received EP Feel Triip through his PeaceLife label. By now, he’s mastered both artistic and business endeavors.

“I’m just trying to bring people together, whether it be the music, medical marijuana and everything,” he said.

Yump promotes everything from music to products with DNG at marijuana festivals and events like High Times Magazine’s Cannabis Cup.

“I’m performing at a lot of these weed events and working at them,” he says. “My merch booth is where I’m selling hot wings at. I want to bring all of this stuff together and make it more than just album and touring.”

Expect Yump to push his new campaign, Free Money, this summer. The plan? Drop a song every week for 15 weeks.

For someone whose first experience with the ganja could only be described as a “crazy experience,” he’s taken the love for his favorite drug and taken it pretty far.  

“It showed me the possibilities of life and how things could just change,” Yump says. “Regular waking life could be altered.”