50 Cent’s social media posts have apparently affected his bankruptcy hearing. Electronic devices have banned from the courtroom and conferences rooms of 50 Cent’s bankruptcy case, according to TMZ

The judge said she’s a free speech proponent, but that 50 Cent should take the case seriously and stop making light of the proceedings.

After 50 Cent’s March 9 hearing, the rapper posted a picture of himself with what appeared to be $100 bills in the waist band of his pants. He is also eating M&Ms.

“I had to go to court today because,” he originally wrote for the caption.

“For some reason people love me,” he wrote in an updated post. “I went to court today and all I felt was love. They asked me about money I said I ain’t got none,but if you want some m&m’s here ya go. #EFFENVODKA”

50 Cent filed for bankruptcy in July. He owes reportedly owes a total of $28 million to a number of creditors.

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