Yo Gotti shares his tips for the DM, during Billboard interview.

Although Yo Gotti’s “Down In The DM” was released months ago, the social media-friendly record has yet to lose momentum. Given the Memphis, Tennessee lyricist’s Twitter expertise, Billboard recently chopped it up with Yo Gotti to get his tips for the DM.

The rapper’s first tip regarding direct message etiquette was to treat the DM like the real world.

“Do whatever you would do in person,” Yo Gotti said. “If you’re a straightforward person and walk up to somebody in the club, take the same exact approach online. If you play safe in person, play safe in the DM. Don’t turn down or turn up just because it’s the DM.”

Yo Gotti also warned of possible perpetrators, which may include significant others.

“On Vine I saw somebody screen-shot DM’ing a girl and then her dude responding back. If a man’s controlling her DM, y’all just in trouble,” he said.

Yo Gotti’s full list of tips for the DM, can be found below.

Yo Gotti Down In The DM Tips