Those individuals who were sick over the sight that Beyonce would make a political statement in her “Formation” video (and premiere it on Super Bowl 50’s 50-yard line at that) may want to start reaching for that doggy bag to blow chunks in. The megastar’s next visual is apparently slated to be one for the Black Lives Matter record books.

Over the weekend, the unofficial—yet highly reliable—Beyhive Team posted photos of Beyonce captioned with claims that her upcoming video will feature the parents of slain teenagers Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice and Mike Brown. All three families are now part of a heartbreaking fraternity; the boys were all unarmed black kids who were killed by police officers in Florida, Cleveland and Ferguson, respectively.

The news of the potential video comes on the heels of another Beyhive announcement that Beyonce is ready to push the go button on her next album and mini film to accompany its release. Her 2013 self-titled 2013 shocked the world with its surprise release and has since spawned countless marketing plans from artists copying the strategy.



If the rumors happen to pan out, all said artists can go ahead and begin to look towards next year for an album rollout. There is also a Formation World Tour set to kick off in late April.