Chief Keef to dish out $82,000 as the result of a lawsuit filed last year.

Months after Chicago rapper Chief Keef skipped out on a show held by the Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter at Alabama’s Auburn University, and was subsequently sued due to his absence, the musician has been ordered by a judge to hand over more than $80,000.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Chief Keef and his booking agent will have to pay Atlanta-based concert promoter The Booking Collective, LLC., $82,000.

Manotti L. Jenkins, a lawyer for the promoter, who saw an Instagram post of Chief Keef in the studio on the day he was scheduled to perform, described the rapper being a no-show as a slap in the face.

“We felt it was malicious, it was deliberate, basically a slap in our client’s face,” Jenkins said, according to the Chicago Tribune.

A previous story from the Chicago Tribune stated that Chief Keef and his booking agent were initially sued for over $170,000 by the concert promoter when the lawsuit was first filed in September.

Over the past few years, Chief Keef has been sued several times over missed appearances.

In 2014, he was sued after allegedly backing out of a Cleveland breast cancer charity concert at the last minute. Similarly, in 2013, he was sued after missing a show in London.

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