Chief Keef announced he was retired from the Rap game on Twitter Wednesday (March 2).

When a fan tells Chief Keef that he’s behind on releasing music this year, the “Superheroes” rapper announced he was done rapping.

“I’m retired you didn’t know?” Sosa wrote in a tweet. “To many niggas sound jus like me or saying shit like almighty would.”

Unknown if the Chi-town rapper was joking, one fan says he’s going to have a shoot out at his school upon the announcement.

“Go be something everything but a rapper or a scammer,” the “3 hunna” rapper tweeted to the fan. “be a ball player or a lawyer or a doctor.”

In 2015, Chief Keef released four projects, including two studio albums, Bang 3 and Bang 3 Pt. 2.

Yesterday (March 5), he and Soulja Boy faced off on a game of Grand Theft Auto V, which was broadcast on the gaming service Twitch.

Chief Keef’s tweets announcing his retirement are as follows:

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