Wale offers an update on his latest solo album, SHINE.

According to Wale, he’s about 80 percent done with his upcoming album, SHINE and is currently in the mixing/post-production process. In regards to features, the wordsmith stated that he is looking to get the assistance of “a couple of the OGs” for post-production, but explained that overall, the album won’t be big on features.

During his interview with Complex, Wale also revealed that SHINE stands for “still here ignoring negative energy.”

“Sonically, I just wanted to do something that was–I always wanted to push myself as an artist, always,” Wale said. “I always want to push myself as an artist. I think SHINE is a big example of me pushing myself all the way…My fifth album is a reason to celebrate. Well, SHINE stands for ‘still here ignoring negative energy.’ I’m not gonna force the acronym on nobody, but that’s just what it means…I’m not a big feature guy though. I’m not really the norm. I’m an anomaly in the industry as far as what I do and the people that I work with. And the type of songs I make.”

With his new residence in Los Angeles, Wale explained that fans can expect more of a chill vibe with SHINE. He says he even experimented with a little singing on the project.

“A lot of the music that I been making is very, very chill,” he said. “I’m singing. And I’m not singing to be the next Brian McKnight. I’m singing to enhance my songwriting ability. And to evolve as an artist. I want to be a great rapper. And I want to be a great songwriter…I just sing with what feels right in the studio.”

Video of Wale speaking on SHINE and his other plans for 2016, can be found below.

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