Tyga says that Tupac “is lIke a father figure to me” during an interview with TMZ.

“I’m inspired by him as a student of the culture, especially my generation,” the rapper says. “My real father’s been in jail all my life so I never really knew my real father. ‘Pac is like a father figure to me.”

Tyga was likely asked about Tupac because, on Sunday (March 6), he posted a photo of himself in a Duke basketball jersey next to an image of Tupac in a similar jersey. Tyga wrote Monday (March 7) that, “Pac taught me a lot more than my own father. Inspired me, Motivated Me, Listened without ever being there.”

In another tweet, Tyga posts what he says is a letter from his father. An image of the letter is below, though it is only a part of the purported letter and it cut off in several places.

The rapper also posted what he says was his reply, which is also below.

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