Snoop Dogg interviewed Cam Newton and Peyton Manning during Super Bowl 50 press conferences today (February 4).

While representing “The Rich Eisen Show,” Snoop Dogg asks the Denver Broncos quarterback if he can get a 50 percent discount at Papa John’s when he goes to the restaurant.

“Absolutely,” Manning, a spokesman for the pizza company says in a video captured by Fox 31 Denver.

Snoop Dogg then has a question about Manning’s family and the game against the Carolina Panthers. Manning’s brother Eli is the quarterback for the New York Giants and their father, Archie, played the position for the New Orleans Saints.

“Second question is, for this big game right here, is it fair to say that you’re getting advice from Archie and Eli?” the rapper asks.

“Snoop, I’ve always enjoyed my conversations with my dad and Eli on you know as far as things that have to do with the NFL,” Manning says. “I had dinner with Eli the other night and he and I talked about a lot of things. But certainly, he played against these guys earlier in the year. We talked about the practice routine and kinda the setup. So he’s great to bounce ideas off of. My dad’s always been a great sounding board for me throughout my lifetime. So I’m very grateful to have both of those guys that have played in the NFL, still are in the NFL to be able to talk to. So I feel very fortunate.”

When interviewing Newton, Snoop Dogg asks about how he balances his fun-loving personality with the professionalism of the game.

“Is the kid in you outweighing the man in you in this big game that you’re about to play?” he says in a clip from The News & Observer.

“I don’t know,” Newton says. “I just think half of me tries to be as professional as possible but the human in me just wants to take it all in. So it’s hard for me to give you a direct answer without bringing both sides out. Of course, the professional side, you still have to go through meetings, come up with any type of edge, ’cause you’re still preparing for a team. But all the festivities, the media, everything leading up and to, all you see is Panther-Bronco conversations on TV. It’s hard not to just take it all in. Like I keep saying, it’s a dream come true and hopefully we get, we are prepared come Sunday.”

Snoop Dogg also asks the quarterback, who hands the football to a kid in the stands when he scores a touchdown, to take care of three of his kids during the game.

“Make their dreams come true,” Snoop Dogg says.

“Depends on where they sitting at,” Newton responds.

“They sitting right where they’re supposed to be sitting at,” the rapper says.

“Ok, say no more,” Newton laughs.

Super Bowl 50 is scheduled for kickoff Sunday (February 7) at Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco.

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