Somewhere in between the ooh’s and aah’s of Kanye West Twitter lashing of Wiz Khalifa, facts got lost in translation.

Shortly before Amber Rose got into the mix with a bit of revealing bedroom information, Kanye gloated his perceived victory over his rapper rival and tweeted, “Man it’s a sad a day… Wiz lost 2 million followers since I tweeted. I didn’t mean to either [sic] him like that.”

While Mr. West didn’t bother to spellcheck to correct his statement to read “ether,” he didn’t exactly get a good look at Khalifa’s before and after Twitter numbers as well.

According to a new data submission obtained by HipHopDX from Twitter’s Communications department, the public spat actually gained 61K new followers in the past 24 hours. Kanye and Amber also got themselves a boost for partaking in the melee, gaining 172K and 45.6K followers, respectively.

The daily fluctuation of the social media activity is always unpredictable. A new study conducted by TwitterAudit and HipHopDX clearly shows the disconnect between real and fake followers when it comes to high-profile artists and celebrities.

Twitter’s reverb chart (embedded below) shows just how crazy Kanye and Wiz’s exchanges have been for their site’s analytics.

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