50 Cent disparages Irv Gotti’s father in a new social media post. Gotti and Meek Mill have responded.

“IRV said he a grown ma and his father 82 years old,” 50 Cent wrote on an Instagram post that has been deleted. VladTV captured an alleged screen shot of the post. “Tell you daddy I said hurry up and die punk. Let’s get to it no more IG.”

Irv Gotti responded to 50 Cent’s comment with a post touting his father.

“You know it seemed like the in thing to do in the 70’s if you was a Black Man was to leave and abandon your kid!” Irv Gott wrote on Instagram yesterday (January 22). “Like all my niggas did not know there fathers. It’s crazy. But real. So I feel the need to go harder for my Dad. My Dad never had any real money. He struggled to put food on the table. BUT HE WAS THERE. HE NEVER LEFT. One of the strongest qualities I picked up from him is that! Things isn’t going right. Nothing makes sense. FUCK IT. KEEP PUSHING. KEEP GOING. I AM MY FATHERS SON!! 100%. And when it is all said and done. Everyone named LORENZO will be GOOD. Because of the struggle he survived. And now his SON will do it for him!! #happybirthdaypoppi.”

Meek Mill commented on Irv Gotti’s post. “Let him drown hisself he showing his cards!” the Philadelphia rapper wrote in a screen shot captured by VladTV.

50 Cent then took a screen shot of the MMG rapper’s comments and made his own post, which was posted by VladTV.

“I see you bitch you don’t want no parts of me girl,” 50 Cent wrote. “I’m watching you, now be the same when I see you.”

This round of exchanges started after Meek Mill asked Irv Gotti on Instagram to provide proof that 50 Cent ratted on members of Murder Inc. to the police when they beat him up in 2000. Irv Gotti then provided a copy of a document that labeled 50 Cent by his given name, Curtis Jackson, as an informant. The image contained an image of a rat with 50 Cent’s head on it.

The posts from 50 Cent, Irv Gotti and Meek Mill are as follows:

2016 012316 50 Cent Irv Gotti Instagram Father Diss

2016 012316 50 Cent Irv Gotti Instagram Father Diss Meek Mill Comment


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