The actors from Straight Outta Compton may have started the year devoid of any Oscar nominations but that doesn’t mean the performances weren’t worthy of critical acclaim.

Just take it from MC Ren and DJ Yella, the two more reserved N.W.A members who had the privilege of shadowing their on-screen likenesses in Aldis Hodge and Neil Brown, Jr., respectively.

“He was a cool brother; we chopped it up for a few hours when I first met him,” Ren (real name Lorenzo Patterson) said of Hodge in a behind-the-scenes clip from the recently released Straight Outta Compton DVD/Blu-ray. Hodge tells the cameras that all “The Villain” asked was for him to be made to “look cool.”

Yella (born Antoine Carraby) also saluted Brown for his mannerisms and studious effort to get his character down pat.

Watch the exclusive Straight Outta Compton clip below. The film is now available in physical and digital format.