The World Economic Forum is set to honor Leonardo DiCaprio and with the 2016 Crystal Awards for their humanitarian works, according to The Source. The Forum convenes from today (January 20) through Saturday (January 23) in Davos, Switzerland.

This year’s theme for the 46th annual WEF is The Fourth Industrial Revolution, according to CNBC. Topics of discussion are set to include the global economy, artificial intelligence and the refugee crisis.

On the first day of the event, declared his support for Hillary Clinton for president. The artist also shared his thoughts on the impact of modern technology on education.

“AI is, it’s a $100 million investment from, you know, various companies to make sure that artificial intelligence gets smarter, and the sad thing is that we don’t have the same investment towards education,” says. “So machine learning surpasses group learning. And so to talk about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and celebrate it, but at the same time, you know, put a flashlight on some of the hurdles that we need to jump over as a society, and how is every human being equipped with tomorrow’s tools, these are important conversations.”

Watch the video of at the World Economic Forum below: