There’s a lot of eye-rolling occurrences that happen in the rap world but there are a lot of heart-warming stories as well.

Fetty Wap was recently one to do the latter. He sent a video to a fan named Anthony hospitalized by a seizure-induced brain injury stemming from the disrupted flow of oxygen to the head. The New Jersey rapper sang “Trap Queen” to the laid up Anthony to lift his spirits.

He later posted the interaction on Instagram so everyone could see a little of what went down and captioned: “Papa watching his special video that was sent to him by his favorite rapper @fettywap1738 This truly put he icing on the cake of another great day! Can’t thank his Goddy and his Guardian Angel enough Love that I have two beautiful strong women that love Anthony just as much as I do to make his dreams come true!”

This is only the latest good deed for Fetty. He recently responded to a kid who also has retinoblastoma but was inspired to go to school without his eye in tact because of the rapper while admiring his confidence.

Check it out below:

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