Lil Fizz has decided to do branding a little differently and is literally using his music in coordination of promoting his new product.

Recently sitting down with HipHopDX, the B2K member spoke about his “Good Lotion” song and how it was used to promote his new lotion line.

“The song came about first and one of my best friends, his wife actually makes lotion,” he said via a segment of today’s (December 30) DX Daily. “I used to love her lotion. I used to go over there like, ‘I need some more of that lotion, etc.’ So when I came up with the track I wanted to make something that’s just really connected to my fanbase.”



Lil Fizz also detailed how the idea all came together.

“My fanbase is all women and I’m like, ‘Man, women love lotion.’ You feel me? ‘I should come up with my own lotion and I hit up my boy and he was like, ‘Sure, make your lotion.’ I’m calling it Good Lotion,” he explained. “I got all the fragrances in the song I know exactly how I want them to smell and we did it and it’s been dope. It’s been a crazy process.”

Watch the full DX Daily segment featuring Lil Fizz below: