El-P provides an update today (March 28) on the status of the forthcoming Run The Jewels 3 album.

“Pleased to report #RTJ3 is halfway done. The goal of a 2016 release is achievable and a safer, more profitable global economy in our grasp,” the rapper-producer writes on Twitter.

Killer Mike’s partner-in-rhyme also revealed when fans will get a first-listen to at least one of the duo’s new tracks.

trying to figure out which RTJ3 jam to premier @coachella.  oh yes.  yes we are,” El-P writes.

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El-P shared a snippet of Run The Jewels 3 on Instagram.

Fans of the rap duo, Run The Jewels were recently treated to a short clip of an instrumental that may possibly be featured on the group’s next album, Run The Jewels 3.

The snippet was uploaded yesterday (December 27) by El-P, who left the following caption: “RTJ3 is just getting started.”

Despite the snippet, no other details on Run The Jewels 3 have been revealed.

Well over a year ago, during a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA), El-P confirmed that a Run The Jewels 3 would be released.

“no fucking idea yet about future guests but i can say this: YES WE WILL BE DOING RUN THE JEWELS 3. first we have to tour the world though,” El-P said, during the Reddit AMA.

El P’s Run The Jewels 3 snippet can be found below.

RTJ3 is just getting started.

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