Tyga stormed the music scene with “Rack City,” which was certified platinum in 2012. Since then, Tyga has had other popular songs such as “Make It Nasty” and “Switch Lanes,” but in a recent interview with Yahoo!, Tyga says he is looking forward to new success.

“Everything that I’ve done to this point doesn’t even matter,” he says. “When I hear ‘Rack City,’ it doesn’t even matter. I’m only doing this to sit with the gods. There’s no other way I see it for myself.”

Tyga says that at 12 years old, when he started rapping in his room over beats he made on his laptop, he did not fully realize his ambitions.

“I just did freestyles and never really played it for anybody but me and my friends,” he says. “Every day coming home from school it was all I wanted to do. I wasn’t doing homework, or going to the park to play basketball, or riding my bike. I just wanted to record…I didn’t think about having number one songs, I didn’t know how I was going to get there or who I was going to meet on this journey, I just knew I wanted to make music.”

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