When the upcoming season of “Love & Hip Hop” airs on VH1 this Monday (December 14), rappers Remy Ma and Papoose will serve as one of the newest additions to the show. While appearing on Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning this week, the couple spoke on their dive into reality TV.

Papoose revealed that he’s kept his composure on the show, and also expressed his confidence in the upcoming season.

“I’m keeping my composure. And I’m taking it one day at a time. You know what I mean? But I think it’s gonna be good. I think it’s gonna be great,” Papoose said.

After Papoose offered his thoughts on “Love & Hip Hop,” Remy Ma was asked about a falling out with a friend, which the show will focus on at some point in the season.

“There’s certain things that just bothered me,” Remy Ma said. “And anybody that knows me…I don’t really bite my tongue for anybody. You can be my friend. You can be my sister, my brother. Any family member. And I’m just gonna say how I feel. And sometimes even when I’m talking regularly—It doesn’t even really have to be an issue. I’m so direct and so blunt, it comes off as disrespectful. And it comes off as me being really aggressive…It was an incident that happened and I just felt some type of way about it. And I did what I felt I needed to do…I got pissed off and I just turned into the old Remy Ma for a couple of minutes.”

Lastly, Remy Ma joked about having to compliment Papoose sparingly, when asked about the rapper’s support while she was in prison.

“I don’t like to gas him too much because these conversations tend to come up…So, I have to sparingly give him compliments cause he is super-gassed,” she said. “You go on social media, they’re like ‘Pap, you’re the best. Oh my God, I need a guy like Papoose who’s there for me.’ And then when we have arguments, he be like ‘I’ll show you five comments in a row right now where someone said.’ And I’m like ‘Yeah, they didn’t just step over your dirty, funky, 10 pairs of boxers in the bathroom. They don’t see the line of cereal bowls on the dresser.’”

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