Jason Mitchell, one of the breakout stars in the film Straight Outta Compton, recently chopped it up with Variety about his role in the film, his knowledge of N.W.A, and more.

When asked if he was familiar with N.W.A and Eazy-E, the character he played in Straight Outta Compton, Mitchell revealed that he was a big fan of Bone thugs-n-harmony, the Cleveland rap group Eazy-E helped form.

He also offered praise to Eazy-E, calling the late rapper “a marketing genius.”

“I’m actually a huge Bone thugs-n-harmony fan,” Jason Mitchell said. “And that was one of the groups he created. I wanted to kinda know the essence of who he was…He was a marketing genius. And he figured out how to take himself and sell that. He knew exactly what people wanted. He wasn’t afraid to say certain things.”

The actor, who hails from New Orleans, Louisiana, also spoke on what it felt like landing the role of Eazy-E. He explained that “there was no boom” moment where he was informed that he had the role.

Instead, he says he asked if he had the role after he was informed that he’d be flying to California for a photoshoot.

“It was really just something I love,” he said in regards to acting. “And that I just stuck with. So, when I did have the chance to read for Eazy-E, I told myself if I got the chance to do this, that I would try to knock it out of the park…I’ll never forget, I’m at work on the line, and they’re like ‘Gary would love to Skype with you.’ I’m like ‘Really? Alright, cool.’ So, I’m there trying to hold my composure together, but I’m like ‘I think I got this.’ So, I go the next day to do the Skype session with him. And it was an hour and 17 minutes…I booked it right there.”

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