Jay Z’s TIDAL has hired Jeff Toig to be its CEO, according to Billboard. The former SoundCloud Chief Business Officer has been praised by Jay Z, who refers to him as “a leader at the intersection of consumer technology and entertainment for more than two decades.”

Trig says that Jay Z is committed to making TIDAL successful, which is one of the reasons he decided to join the company.

“I was fortunate to spend quite a lot of time with Jay Z, learning more about his vision for TIDAL and why he made such a significant investment in this business,” Toig says during an interview with Billboard. “It became clear to me that Jay and the artists behind the company are deeply committed to developing an amazing music experience for fans. I share a belief that this has been lost with many services, and it will be critical as we build TIDAL into a leader in this space.”

Toig is asked by Billboard if he and Jay Z have sat down to discuss the first orders of business for the company.

“Not yet,” Toig says. “I think we have an alignment on how we start to shape something that connects fans with the artists they love in new ways, and do something that’s unique and differentiated and doesn’t look like other services out there. [Something] that leverages the creativity the artist-owners bring to the business that find their way into the service.”

Since purchasing TIDAL in March, TIDAL has had three CEOs: Andy Chen, interim CEO Peter Tonstad and now Toig.

TIDAL is competing in the stream music service space with Apple Music, YouTube Red and Pandora, among others.

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