Sauce Money worked extensively with Jay Z early on in his career and holds a lot of stories about the Brooklyn legend that many still might not know.

Recently speaking with Doggie Diamonds TV, Sauce explained how he was actually the one to set up a storied on-the-spot rap battle between his partner and LL Cool J.

“I heard his interview with Combat Jack and it was me who initiated it but everybody got a round,” he said when asked about LL Cool J’s prowess as a battle rapper. “After me, Jay did go and him and Jay did it. And then after that, him and [Jaz-O] did it. To his credit, he stood there for all of it. He ain’t going no where.”

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Sauce Money also explained why LL should receive the credit he does as an emcee and not just as a celebrity.

“He proved why he deserves the respect and the accolades that he does receive because to go up against two niggas that you know got busy,” he said. “I’m the new cat on the set. You know Jaz got busy, you know Jay got busy. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of them. He went for his.”

Watch the full interview segment below: