Instagram is investigating The Game’s account after he posted a series of photos of himself in his underwear showing the outline of his genitals. The site is seeking to take down the pictures, TMZ reports.

“Word on the street is, Instagram is threatening to ban my account if I don’t take the meat print picture down and they want to know how I feel about it,” the Compton, California rapper says in a video post. At the end of the video, he points to himself with a blank face.

The Game told TMZ that he feels the social media site has a double standard by allowing nude pictures of Kim Kardashian to remain on her account.

@tmz_tv calls me to give me the scoop……. Shit been up for a month, now y'all threatening niggas lol #KanyeShrug #YouAPhoneAppButYouStillLikeTheSausage ?????? #ProbablyLilWeeWeeNiggasReportingIt #YoDaddyJustWasntPackinSoGeneticallyYourLifeFuckedUp #MyDaddyWasADragonSlayerOutHereAndItGotPassedDownToMe #MyGrandaddyWasASeaMonsterKiller #ItRunsInTheFamily #TaylorMeatPackingCompany #MEATPRINTPAPI has spoken….. Now back to this Daddy thing I'm doing over here…. #HatersGoneHatePotatosGonePotate lmaoooo…. So if my account mysteriously disappear, IG hatin on a player & I'll be on snap chat for the duration: "blackb0yfly" & if they do delete it…. All my women fans, post it in the name of my Instagram memory #LongLiveTheDingALingKing #UnBothered

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