Tory Lanez has seen a lot of success over the past year and his notoriety is starting to build.

Recently sitting down with Shay Diddy at the Western Union VIP Lounge, the Toronto native spoke about his album, also ghostwriting for others, which he previously touched on.

“Always, always. [I] still ghostwrite to this day, still write reference things,” he explained. “I still write hooks, I write songs for people. The thing about ghostwriting you getting a ghostwritten record, you write something, you was just being creative and it might speak to somebody in a certain way. The song speaks to them so much and they want to sing it and it may not mean what it means to them. They going to sing it a totally different.”

Tory Lanez also relayed that he shouldn’t be writing story-telling rhymes for others as those experiences are personal.

“No one should be writing your rhymes,” he said. “I’ve written rhymes for other people. I’ve written verses and I still do. I don’t be feeling like I should be writing other people’s raps because when I write my own raps… When it comes to being in the booth, off of the emotion of everybody and everything that be going off in my mind, I’m going to just spew out and say. I don’t think that should ever be written for you.”

Watch the full interview segment below: