Although the most recent spat between Maybach Music Group lyricists Wale and Meek Mill took place just a few weeks ago, according to Rick Ross, the feud between the two “already done came and went.”

Ross spoke on the rift between the two, which stemmed from comments Wale made about Meek’s feud with Drake, during a newly-released interview with He also added that the two will be “brothers forever,” and will one day be in a position to advise others based on their past mistakes and experiences.

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“You know, those brothers forever,” Rick Ross said. “That’s my family. As you can see it’s already done came and went. It’s all about making dope music. And like I said, I feel like me being in a position I am. Me being a boss. Me being as experienced as I am, I feel like them going through that, or whatever you call it, in 10 years when they’re executives they’re gonna be able to give that same game to youngstas. Like ‘Yo, I did that before, but this how we do it.’ I look at things different.”

In addition to comparing Meek Mill feuding with Drake to the Philly rapper bringing “a pencil to a gun fight,” Wale also revealed that over at MMG they’re “not the unit we once was.”

With Rick Ross’ Black Market album scheduled for release on December 4, the Miami wordsmith offered a few details about the album, during his interview.

Black Market, I feel like you gon’ get Ricky Rozay in his most comfortable space ever. Real soulful. It’s layered with live music. I’m on my shit,” he said.

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