Bronx, NY

In a recent interview with Doggie Diamonds TV, Sauce Money shares the story of what happened the night of the legendary mid-’90s pool hall Rap battle between Jay Z and a then-up-and-coming DMX.

Sauce Money recalls when guns were pulled out during the planned Bronx, New York Rap face-off.

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“Niggas pulled out guns while they was rhyming,” says Sauce Money in the interview published today (November 13). “Niggas was pulling out hammers because how we did it was, we had to get on top of the pool table on one end and the other end. So we on top of the pool table battling with each other rhyming and pulling out hammers.”

The Middle Finger U rapper also says that he believes Hov won the bout and shares his thoughts on Jay‘s rhyming skills.

“It’s funny because what y’all getting now or what y’all get now is a calmer version,” he says. “Homes was serious when it comes to getting busy and punchlines. He just flipped it to now where he’s just who he is now, but it’s in him. He got the dog in him.”

The full Sauce Money interview with Doggie Diamonds TV is as follows: