DJ Ross One wrote Rap Tees, a book released November 3 that highlights the Rap T-shirts he compiled in the 1990s while growing up in Ohio.

One of the shirts highlighted is a shirt highlighting De La Soul’s second album, 1991’s De La Soul is dead.

“De La was in their own lane completely when it came to the designs and merchandise, using bright colors and imagery that went completely against the norm for hip hop at the time,” DJ Ross One says during an interview with MTV. “This is one of my favorite shirts.”

Another one of DJ Ross One’s favorite shirts is one featuring Public Enemy’s Chuck D and Flavor Flav promoting the group’s Apocalypse 91… The Enemy Strikes Black album.

“This record was super important to me,” he says. “’Can’t Truss It’ was my favorite song and video at the time, and I always remember how great Flavor Flav and Chuck D dressed – Flav in an Air Jordan flight suit and Chuck in his cursive script Bulls Starter jersey. Both essential early ’90s clothing articles. I bought my first Public Enemy T-shirt from the mail order form in this CD booklet.”

Photos of the shirts are as follows:


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