As a music industry insider, author, and manager, Karen Civil was questioned about her relationship with various artists, during an interview with The Breakfast Club. She confirmed that she does manage Nipsey Hussle as part of the Marathon Agency and revealed that she’s no longer releasing her new book through Cash Money Publications.

Civil also spoke on the ordeals that led to her no longer wanting to be “a cheerleader” for artists. She specifically mentioned North Carolina rapper J. Cole when speaking on someone in her position not being useful if an artist can’t use them.

She also revealed that she hasn’t spoken to Mac Miller, another artist she’s worked with, for months now.

“I feel like with certain artists if you’re not being—you’re not useful if they can’t use you,” Karen Civil said. “If that makes sense. So, from the J. Coles to like—Yeah, me and Mac Miller were great then we just stopped speaking a few months ago…I know me and him will be in a place where we’re always going to be good because I have so much love for Mac. Someone like J. Cole it’s a little bit different because you’re a cheerleader for these people early on and then you watch them grow. You see certain things and then—People change. But you don’t wanna seem like ‘Well, you have to do this. I started with you. You owe me.’ Or things like that. But then it’s like you start to see people. People don’t say ‘hello’ no more…After a while I’m like ‘I don’t care. I’m not doing the cheerleading thing. I wish you the best.’ He’s doing great in his career.”

As someone who dated Deen Reddy, friend of Meek Mill and a member of Dreamchasers, Civil explained that her relationship with Reddy made things “weird,” during the feud between Meek Mill and Drake.

“It got kinda weird with the Drake, Meek thing,” she said. “And then it’s like you can’t really move the way you move cause you wanna be respectful. At the end of the day, first and foremost, I’m gonna be respectful in my relationship. So, it got kinda difficult for me to move around and do what I kinda wanted to do.”