50 Cent and Rick Ross have been going back and forth at each other recently. It’s shades of 2009, except this time it’s through social media.

Even more recently 50 Cent sat down with Tim Westwood and talked about Rick Ross and his recent Instagram instigating.

“It’s desperation at the point that you hear from him at this point,” he said when asked about the recent beef. “Because if you’re looking for someone, it ain’t that hard to find me. I’m around, and I’m not used to having an altercation with law enforcement. I’m just not used to saying that I’m gonna do something to a correctional officer, to a police officer or anyone who has been under oath that’s gonna say with no problem, everything that you’ve said and everything that’s happened immediately after.”

50 also made it a point to bring up Ross’ past as a correctional officer. He believes rap culture is more fake because of what he believes is in increase in inauthenticity.

“It’s a correctional officer that is rapping like a drug dealer,” he said. “It shows you that’s the point in our culture that you can identify with you actually being who you say you are doesn’t matter. That’s the point where if it sounds good, they’re fine with it for a short period of time. You can tell they’re over it now, but they went for it.”

Rick Ross recently posted on Instagram that 50 Cent’s son signed up for an internship with his Maybach Music Group. 50 then responded with a threat for Ross saying, “That wasn’t a good idea.”

Watch the full interview segment below:

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