In a tweet sent yesterday (November 4), Waka Flocka Flame encouraged fans to put the pressure on Atlantic Records, his current label home, to release his Flockaveli 2 album. The Georgia rapper posted a phone number to Atlantic Records’ New York office, and told fans to “demand” the release of his album.

“Call @AtlanticRecords 2127072000 Demand my release #FLOCKAVELI2,” Waka Flocka Flame wrote in his tweet.

This doesn’t serve as the first time Waka has expressed his frustration with Atlantic Records. Last month, he expressed his “hate” for the label, and even suggested that he buy out of his contract.

“I fucking hate my label…Atlantic Records —– LET ME BUY-OUT FUCK!!!!,” Waka said in two separate tweets.

Waka previously expressed interest in buying out of his contract in April of this year.

In 2010, after Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco expressed his upset with Atlantic Records over the label delaying the release of his Lasers album, his fans created an online petition and staged a protest outside of Atlantic Records in his honor.

Lupe’s Lasers album was ultimately released on March 7, 2011.

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