During an appearance on Sway’s Universe this week, Yonkers, New York rapper Jadakiss offered his thoughts on the top five rappers debate. The Lox lyricist didn’t offer a specific list, but did throw out a few names including Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, and the late Tupac Shakur.

Jadakiss also revealed that his list does tend to change while still remaining relatively the same, stating that it sometimes depends on the region he’s listening to at that particular time.

He also compared top five debates to “a religious argument.”

“My top five changes,” Jadakiss said. “It always stays the same. But it’s really too many to put five emcees that have just five—If you’re a Hip Hop historian like myself and like you guys. So, that’s just really—It’s a good conversational piece when you start talking about top five. It’s like a religious conversation. It’s like a religious argument. I can keep going on cause it’s really more than five, great emcees. You know what I mean? If you really study Hip Hop. But it always changes for me. It’s always Big and Pac and Nas and Hov. But it’s more than that. It extends. It’s more than that, but it’s just a good conversational piece. It depends who I’m playing. I might be West Coast’ing for the last two weeks. It’s changing. I’m D.O.C.’ing. I’m Snoop’ing…And the main thing of it all is to be in the conversation.”

Later in the interview, Jadakiss recalled ghostwriting for Puff Daddy after being asked how many people he’s ghostwritten for.

“I didn’t really understand it in the beginning,” he said. “Diddy was trying to squeeze the life out of me. I felt like I don’t wanna keep giving him my bars. Cause he’s taking from my tank. I need all of these bars. I’m not gonna keep doing this. But then down the line I figured it out. It’s a beautiful thing to do.”

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