You may remember K Camp from 2014s smash-hit “Cut Her Off,” or, if you’re dedicated, you know that he dropped a project this year entitledOnly Way Is Up. Well, as long as K Camp is going up it looks like the booties are going down with, well, smoke all in their lungs due to KandyPens. The vape solution for cool kids has been showing up everywhere. In fact, KandyPens is the go-to vape in the hip-hop community.

Chris Brown and Tyga has already endorsed the brand on their witches brew “Bitches & Marijuana,” and Mr. 1738 has already endorsed the brand as well in his visuals for one of his four Billboard 100 hits “My Way.”

“1 Hunnid” finds the two getting their trap queens to do their pick ups for them. Of course, KandyPens is part of the deal. That’s probably because the brand is one of the best vape solutions on the market as stated by High Times.

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But let’s get back to those beauties blowing smoke. If that isn’t what the rap video life is all about then we don’t know what is. Peep game.

*Beauties Don’t Come With KandyPens

Blowing Perfect Waves Of Smoke

Beauties Will Surround You

You Can Have Anyone Except These Two

But As Long As You Have An Inflatable K, This Can Happen

Sultry Selfies Are Also Part Of The Deal

And Alls Well As Long As KandyPens Are Involved