Earlier this month, Young Chop dissed Kanye West and said that he exploits artists for his own benefit.

In a recent interview with WatchLoud, Young Chop addresses people who defended the fellow Chicagoan in light of his initial comments.

“They think Kanye is a fucking god,” he says. “That nigga ain’t no fucking god. He might say he’s a god, but he’s not a fucking god. We’re all fucking gods, but he think he beyond a god, though. He’s not that god he wanna be. The higher power. Listen to his songs, ‘One man should not have all that power.’ Listen to him. He saying these things. He wanna be God.”



Young Chop says that Kanye West would be able to bring his hometown something to believe in if he stayed around.

“Niggas ain’t out there,” he says. “I’m out there. I’m in the streets of Chicago. I’m still on the south side of Chicago where I been at. Nothing’s gonna change that because I haven’t done anything wrong to anybody. When niggas see me, it’s love. And it would probably be the same way if [Kanye] would come there and do that. It’d probably be a better fucking thing in Chicago. Like, bro…bring your ass back to the city. Walk around that bitch. Stop these niggas from killing each other. That’s what I’m on. It should not be that. Why all rappers getting into it with each other? And we gotta see these niggas in our city.”